Code cards will expire on 10 September


Please be advised that pursuant to EU Regulation on secure online payments that came into effect in September 2019 and seeking to improve the security of customer identification and online payments, Medicinos bankas will no longer use code cards as a means of customer authentication from 10 September.

Bank customers who are not residents of the Republic of Lithuania will be able to use other secure means of authentication for signing into the Internet Bank or mobile application:

  • Free Smart-ID application. You are welcome to arrive at any bank branch from 4 September 2019 and create a Smart-ID account on your smartphone. Please be sure to bring your passport.

  • SMS code. A new authentication tool, SMS code, will be automatically activated on 10 September. The customers will be required to enter a code received by SMS instead or PIN/TAN for signing in and confirmation of payments in the Internet Bank or mobile application.

If you have any questions, please call +370 5 2171870, +370 5 2171867 or visit the nearest branch of Medicinos Bankas.

Regular upgrade of information systems will be carried out



Medicinos Bankas ended the first quarter with a profit



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