Payment services at Medicinos bankas during the holidays


Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you about the execution of payments in Medicinos bankas during the festive period in 24 June 2021:

  • All payments sent / received on June 24, that require manual processing due to AML check, will be processed as accepted on the next business day (June 25).

  • Payments within the bank, when the payer's and beneficiary's accounts are in the Medicinos bankas, will be settled on the same day.

  • The working hours of Customer service departments during the festive period will be indicated in the relevant departments. MoneyGram, RIA, and Unistream money transfer services will be available during working hours of Customer service units.

  • On June 24, SEPA non-urgent EUR payments to other banks will be serviced in limited mode: initiated and debited until 16:00 will be sent until the end of the business day, the credit of funds to beneficiary’s account will depend on the beneficiary's bank conditions. SEPA EUR payments, received by Medicinos bankas will be credited until the end of the business day.

  • Other interbank payments (international, urgent EUR) accepted on June 24 will be send like payments received the next business day (June 25).

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