Mobile App Privacy Policy

1. When can you use Medicinos Bankas UAB mobile app?

 You can use the app, if: 

2. What is the purpose of this Privacy Policy?

Services of the mobile app are personalized; therefore, your personal data and other information provided by you to Medicinos Bankas UAB are used to provide the services.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to let the users of the mobile app know what type of their personal data are collected, how they are stored, processed and used.

Medicinos Bankas UAB respects your privacy and ensures that data provided by you to Medicinos Bankas UAB are collected and stored only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

3. What type of data has to be processed for the mobile app services?

The scope of processed data of the mobile app users (hereinafter – the data):

4. What are the above data used for?

Data can be used to:

5. What are the grounds of processing of the above data?

Collection, processing and storage of your personal data is regulated by this Privacy Policy, the Rules of Payment Services of Medicinos Bankas UAB, the Rules of Electronic Services, the agreement(s) entered into by and between the user and the bank, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

By installing the mobile app on your mobile device and using its services as well as providing your information to Medicinos Bankas UAB you irrevocably agree to the processing of data provided by you to Medicinos Bankas UAB and provisions of this Privacy Policy (except the processing of data requiring your separate consent under the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania)

6. Where can you find more information about using the mobile app?

For more information about the mobile app and its functionalities, please visit:

7. What else should you know when using the mobile app?

The information presented in this Privacy Policy, including information about the processing of data provided by you, is related to the use of the mobile app only. When you use other services of Medicinos Bankas UAB, your personal data and other information are processed in accordance with the rules of the relevant services and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

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