Prevention of money laundering

Medicinos Bankas stands strictly against money laundering and terrorist financing!


In its daily activities, Medicinos Bankas complies with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and international legislation on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

We guarantee

Medicinos Bankas ensures responsible execution of all actions provided by regulatory acts in the area of ​​prevention of money laundering and/or terrorist financing, and the law enforcement authorities have not made any allegations or suspicions that the bank's activities in this area are inadequate.

How do we prevent potential crime?

  • We ask special questions

    When dealing with clients, conducting monetary transactions and operations, the employees of Medicinos Bankas are obliged to ask clients specific questions.


  • We find out customer needs

    By answering the questions of Medicinos Bankas staff, you will help to fully understand and identify your needs and prevent possible crimes.


  • We prevent

    Medicinos Bankas always actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies in the prevention of money laundering and/or terrorist financing.



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