What are the conditions of a term deposit agreement?

  • You will earn interest starting from the next day after the deposit is deposited and not earn for the last day of the deposit term

  • The deposit can be automatically extended for the same term by setting the annual interest rate on the day of the extension applicable by the bank

  • The amount cannot be reduced or increased by additional contributions

  • The deposit is not repaid in parts before maturity specified in the agreement

  • If the deposit is withdrawn earlier than the due date, no interest will be paid

  • The depositor must inform the bank in writing or via the Internet bank no later than 5 business days that he wants to withdraw the deposit earlier

  • When depositing a deposit through the Internet banking, the depositor has the right to cancel the deposit agreement within 14 calendar days from the date of the agreement,  to change the method of extension of the deposit until the end of the deposit term, to choose an automatic extension or to refuse it

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