Raisin Deposits

Possibility for German and Austrian citizens to employ their spare funds


  • Safe and simple way to save

  • Minimum deposit amount 5,000 EUR

How to start saving?

  • Select Medicinos Bankas via WeltSparen.de or WeltSparen.at platforms

    You can make a term deposit at Medicinos Bankas via WeltSparen.de or WeltSparen.at platforms without leaving your home


  • Indicate the amount and the term of the deposit

    The higher the amount you invest and the longer the deposit period, the higher the interest


  • Agree with the Terms and Conditions

    Once you agree with the Terms and Conditions of the term deposit Agreement and the Bank agrees to enter into the Agreement with you, your funds will be transferred automatically to your term deposit account with Medicinos Bankas


  • Enjoy your earned interest

    At the end of the agreed deposit term, the funds including accrued interest will be transferred to your account


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