Verify your identity securely and conveniently using M-signature!


  • Mobile signature service

  • Convenient and fast login to the Internet bank

  • Universal tool for signing documents online

  • Multi-level security and signature authentication

How can I order the m-signature service?

  • Change the current SIM card

    Bring your passport or identity card, sign the Online Account Management Agreement and change your current SIM card


  • Activate the service

    Activate m-signature on the SIM card and change the original sPIN code

    Login to Internet bank and in the settings check that you will use m-signature

    Save the changes

    Login to the Internet bank again using the m-signature


  • Start using the m-signature

    You only need to have one phone for logging to the Internet bank and signing your documents with m-signature (no need to carry PIN/TAN codes in addition) and remember only one security code – sPIN


Get m-signature service via

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